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Flyto for business

Partnering with Flyto enables customers to make more bookings with you today, with the flexibility of paying over time.

Accelerated by Wayra

Winners of the TTE 2017 Disrupt Awards


Increased checkout conversions

Convert customers who otherwise might have been a lost sale due to affordability. (Offering your customers instalments can increase your conversions by 15-20%).

Attract New Customers

Offering finance options will expand your potential target market and attract Millennials. We commit to the success of our partners by actively driving our users to your website as a Flyto partner.

We pay you upfront

Once a customer completes their application, you're settled in full, immediately! We take on 100% of the risk. You recieve the funds immediately just like any other booking.

Easy Integration

Flyto is quick and easy to set up, we seamlessly integrate into your booking flow to ensure the user experience is simple and easy to follow.

How Flyto works

Your customer sees the option to pay over time with Flyto while searching.

They select "Pay with Flyto" at the point of payment.

They choose the best terms for their needs.

You process the order, Flyto pays you in full upfront and your customer repays Flyto over time.

Backed by

"Flyto is a very powerful concept, it addresses a customer pain-point and a business pain-point."

Rikesh Shah

Lead digital Relationships Manager
Transport for London